Spiral Wound Composite Can Products


211 diameter juice can

Quality Container Company manufactures 211 diameter and 401 diameter spiral wound composite cans.

211 diameter cans range in height from 314(3-7/8") to 607(6-7/16"). Mira-strip, foil membrane or metal ends can be utilized. We offer various protective barriers as inner liners, depending on your product.

401 diameter foil lined composite can401 diameter cans range in height from 311(3-11/16") to 807(8-7/16"). We can manufacture cans using foil liners with foil/metal tops or poly liners with poly tops. The advantage of the poly lined can is that it allows the packer to install a metal detector into the filling line prior to the metal bottom being attached to the can. This insures that no metal is being packed with the product, resulting in good quality control.

Composite Can Top Options

We offer several top options. From Poly to metal. Here are some examples:

EZ Open metal topPoly LiddingFoil Membrane end
EZOpen metal topPoly LiddingFoil Membrane end

Composite Can End Options

We also offer several end options. Here are some examples:

211 diameter Metal end
211 diameter Metal end

Overcap Options

Overcaps are available in a variety of colors to meet your needs: